Help with GPS Assist Data - A65

Started Feb 10, 2013 | Discussions thread
FreeRadical009 Regular Member • Posts: 331
Re: Help with GPS Assist Data - A65

Did you install PMB without plugging your A65 to the computer when the installation required it?

In my case, the GPS option did not appear until I plugged my A77 to the computer, only then the program installed the GPS portion of the program.

After that, the GPS assist data is automatically updated by the software whenever the camera is plugged into the computer and the data has to be updated (expired assist data or a change in location from last update trigger the automatic update).

Try plugging the camera to the computer while having the installation CD inside the tray or run again the installation file if you downloaded it. It should prompt a window where it says it will install the GPS function as well as the video management software for your camera. After that, updating the GPS assist data will be a breeze.

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