What is this fascination with iso6400?

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Re: You don't shoot events

panos_m wrote:

Adventsam wrote:

rhlpetrus wrote:

If you did you'd know why there's no such a thing as too much high ISO.

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85mm f1.4/1.8's, 200mm f2.8's, what event are you shooting that is so dark!

Even with constant f/2.8 camera meter desperately asks for 3200 and beyond because you have to use a high enough shutter speed to freeze motion. So I will second that: there's no such a thing as too much high ISO :).

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Like I said, if this is where you have to go, then you have to go there, but its the same for everybody! iso6400 is not a panacea, its gain added at a large amount and you only have so much headroom. Maybe new sensor's in 10 years time. Trying to eak out comparisons of this cam and that cam at iso6400, pointless, its all average. Might be better to shoot video and extract the images, you only need 1/50 sec @25p you will get some blur but also you 25fps/sec to choose from. Of course you cant do that with all dslr's as the quality of sony sensors in video is a bit naff, offering limited amount of actual lines of resolution, however, the d5200 appears to have plenty

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