What kind of filter I Need...????

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Re: What kind of filter I Need...????

Sailor Blue wrote:

Oily skin is always a problem for portrait photography. Even with large diffusers or bouncing the light off a wall or ceiling it can cause a specular reflection - i.e. a shiny surface reflection.

I don't think any diffuser will help either, since bounce my speedlite not help. That is the reason I made title thread directly asking about filter

I'm sure a polarizing filter would help but the only real cure is to get rid of the oil on the skin

A cheap package of those oil absorbing wipes they sell at any makeup counter or in almost any drug store or even 7-11 does a nice job.

When shooting portraits I keep the oil absorbing wipes handy. A trace of some Clinique Transparency 0 face powder applied with a sterile brush kills any remaining shine. Be sure to use the oil absorbing wipe first or the powder will clump and be visible. Brush a very small amount on and keep brushing until you can't see it.

There are professional photography makeups that are better to use then the Clinique powder - Google for suppliers. The advantage of the Clinique Transparency 0 is that it is available in makeup counters in most parts of the world. The disadvantage is that you can only use a trace or it becomes visible.

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Yes, sometime I did just similar as your advice. The problem is, seem not polite to usually ask family member to  wipe their face just because i want to snap them



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