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Re: RAW vs. JPEG

GreenMountainGirl wrote:

Are you saying that what I see is a rendering that is not the RAW image?

If I may.

The raw image is like the components of a soup - not cooked yet - the meat, potatoes, carrots AND a cooking instruction. The cooking instruction is created by the JPEG settings in the camera.

When the raw is displayed on the back of the LCD screen of the camera, you are seeing the cooked soup - the JPEG - there is one inside every raw file.

When you look at it on the computer, the first 2 seconds, the program displays this same JPEG and soon after the program reads the raw data and the cooking instructions and cooks the photo from the RAW file to display it.

How is the default rendering determined? In the editing program or in the camera?

Proprietary raw programs that come with the camera e.g. Olympus Viewer 2 for Olympus cameras read ALL the cooking instructions. I understand that Nikon Viewer 2 for Nikon and DPP for Canon also do the same. A third party program like Lightroom does not have the knowledge to read ALL the cooking instructions, just some of them. Also Lightroom does not have the same calculation engine as the Canon / Nikon / Olympus camera so when it calculates, it is different.

Programs like Lightroom can also save a "look" as the preferred default rendering. In fact, the term called "Preset" allows LR to choose between different looks.

More later....

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