x100 What am I doing wrong?

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Re: Not everywhere.

Bjrn SWE wrote:

zenpmd wrote:

Can anyone advise how you shoot in these situations focus wise? Obviously a large aperture means shallow DOF, so where do you decide to focus on, and doesn't the rest of the image become very out of focus with the large apeture? Thanks

Since the X100 use a 35 mm equivalent wide angle lens, you can focus just anywhere since the orchestra is so far away - the depth of field will be large enough to make eveything sharp.

You can see this by looking at a "depth of field calculator", http://www.dofmaster.com/dofjs.html
Using the X100, at 40 feet and f 2.0, the depth of field limit is from 21 - 500 feet.

Here are some DOF calculators for your iPhone,

Thanks Bjrn. However when I put those figures you mention into the calculator I only get this:

Subject distance  40 ft  
Depth of field  Near limit  28.6 ft Far limit  66.3 ft Total  37.7 ft   In front of subject  11.4 ft (30%) Behind subject  26.3 ft (70%)   Hyperfocal distance  100.6 ft Circle of confusion  0.02 mm

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