Comparing Nikon 16-85 VR and 18-55 on my D40.

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Re: What's the status of your NEW Nikon 16-85 VR?

mistermejia wrote:

Squirrel, how has your new 16-85 been behaving? My lens was backfocusing when i had my D7000, no problem, i just fine tuned it to -7, but now that i have my S5 PRO i can't do fine tuning, sucks! Today i went to Samy's camera and i compared my 16-85 against the 18-55 and they are EXACTLY the same, except that 16mm looks wider of course, but optics wise i do not notice any difference in contrast, sharpness, and even the corners of the 18-55 look fine. Maybe that's because i did not blow up my screen at 200%

My question to you is have you notice any back/front focusing with your 16-85 replacement? There is no way in hell i will send it out for repair, since i have no warranty and i don't want to spend money on it. Honestly i think i will be selling for $500 and i will spend $100 on the 18-55VR. The guy from Samy's camera told me that the 16-85 optics is older than the "newer" optics of the 18-55
newer versions, he said that the 18-55's optics have been revised three times. Never heard of that, but i believe the guy. Other than the more plasticky construction of the cheaper lens, i am not seeing any difference in IQ. i will gain $400 dollars and i will buy something else, maybe take my wife out for a nice fancy meal

If i want something wider i'll just borrow my dad's 12-24 f/4. Amazing sharp lens that is!

The 18-55 is a good lens but too plasticky for my liking, wish Nikon update the construction to include a metal mount - The guy was probably right, the original 18-55 did not come with VR so there are at least two versions - as to say that newer optic did not make sense - every lens is different and once it reaches the optimum design and construction it will not be changed until the next break through. Given that the 16-85 is a lot wider and also a 5X zoom, comparison between this lens and the 18-55 is not really fair.

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