AF microadjust 70-200 f2.8L II question

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Re: AF microadjust 70-200 f2.8L II question

You are supposed to test the lens at a distance of >50 times the Focal length, so at the 200 end you are at 10m or more. I tested the 70-200 F4LIS on a 5D3 and got a 70 end value of +1 but that was dubious and the more attempts at getting a consistent result the more I thought 0 was probably correct (testing the 200 end was impractical with the set up I had). Anyway I am now running with +1 at the 70 end and 0 at the 200 end.  I havent tested the 200 end, but shots of people at a distance of 20m or so seem to be bang on. With a modern body and lens you should not need to do much or any MA, its only really on the older lenses where the feature is important. Also, the error as you move away from the optimum setting is non-linear and so there is little penalty for being a few values off.

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