Split image/ Micro Prism Focusing Screens for Nikon D700

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Re: Split image/ Micro Prism Focusing Screens for Nikon D700 calibration importance

DebraR wrote:

Id like info too. Have always been curious about focusing screens and I just picked up a D700, would love to look into them more.

I cannot answer from the viewpoint of having used an alternate screen, Can amswer from having used a smaller viewfinder to focus with AI lenses and research.

I was using a D5000 for maual focus for last five months. Did check with Katzeye who responded very well. I did not actually get one as I got used to focusing without it, but did notice that I had to recalibrate the manual focus on the D5000.

I just got a D300 and the larger viewfinder is wonderful for focus. Additionally, I am finding that the manual focus seems to be perfectly calibrated, that is a wonderful surprise, it is not always.

So, for now I will use the original matt screen.

Personally, if I do get a screen I would suggest the Katzeye, purely because if you have a calibration issue, as everyone says Rachel Katz reponds to correspondence very well.

I think that is worth the extra bucks. Because if manual focus is not properly calibrated you will drive yourself insane.

Thats said, maybe you try focusing with the plain screen for the D700 for a bit, if it is larger than the D300 screen you should find it fairly okay? If not, check out Katzeye.

Just my opinion.

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