Lens question for Lumix GX1?

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Re: Lens question for Lumix GX1?

The adapters mentioned will be attached to your existing lens. The filter thread size of the Panasonic 14-42mm is 46mm, and therefore the adapters must also have the thread size of 46mm, too.

If you don't mind manual focus, you could also get an old manual focus 50mm lens (f1.8; £25) with a suitable adapter (~ £15). You could also get an old manual focus 135mm for telephoto. Even a slowish f3.5 will do. Get one with a (relatively) short minimum focus distance, and it gives you quite nice magnification and thus can be used for macro. You can also decrease the focus distance by using extension tubes. The good thing with extension tubes is, that they do not affect the optical quality of the image. The bad things are that you can practically only use them with manual focus lenses and that you'll need to be changing them all the time. Get all the manual lenses for the same fitting, e.g. Canon FD, or M42, and then get either "FD to m4/3" or "M42 to m4/3" adapter, and if you want extension tubes get them either to Canon FD or M42, according to your choise of the lens(es).

By the way, I would not recommend old manual focus  zooms, because they are usually not very high quality optically, and also slower in terms of aperture than primes (fixed focal length lenses).

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