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I like Migration Assistant a lot; I've used it on numerous Macs. But if you have a lot of junk on your old MBP starting from scratch is worth considering. And it's important that all your software is current and compatible if the Mac upgrade includes moving to a new operating system.

Some preferences and third-party app licenses may not survive the move to the new Mac; I usually need to spend a half hour or so tidying up after most data transfers using MA.

The migration system didn't work too well. I have though got all my Applications across. When I first switched my new iMac on it asked if I wanted to copy everything from my old Mac now or later. I didn't have time then and wanted to have a look around my new iMac. Big mistake! Because now I don't have that opportunity to migrate and and the Migrate facility doesn't work very well. had I known, I would have done it when asked. In retrospect and Googling I realise it would have been better to do it then. A warning for anyone in the same situation. be ready to migrate from your old Mac when you first switch on your new iMac, it would be much easier.

You can still do it, but it will take a bit more time. Start the iMac while holding the Option (Alt) key. That will give you the choice to startup from the normal partition, or from the rescue partition. Choose the rescue partition. Now you have the option to wipe clean the entire disk and start all over again, this time doing the migration as soon as the system is installed and the computer has rebooted.

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I tried that and it did not work. I am first presented with a gray screen and a choice of internet provider, not including my own! Even though I am plugged into my network

iMac startup after holding Alt key

H'm, it looks like you formatted the hard disk yourself, so your rescue partition is gone. Or your 'new' iMac isn't really a brand new computer? If you have an install DVD, you can do it by starting up from that DVD (place the DVD in the drive, restart and hold the C key).

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