FZ 150 against FZ200 against SX50 in Lightroom... Dpsamples from raw...

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Re: FZ 150 against FZ200 against SX50 in Lightroom... Dpsamples from raw...

Rodger1943 wrote:

Just after I got my FZ200 last September, I compared it with my FZ150. I went to the zoo and tried to get a bird that wasn't doing much, like resting/sleeping and took a photo with each camera, keeping one common setting, like iA, or a set shutter speed or a constant ISO. The image quality didn't differ much, in fact they were almost identical, but in most cases the FZ200 either had a higher shutter speed for the same ISO, or if the shutter speed was the same then the ISO was much higher on the FZ150. Attached is one of the few surviving examples. I have annotated the images so you can see the settings. In this instance I think the shot taken with the FZ150 isn't quite as good as the FZ200, because there's a tiny amount of movement blur due to its lower shutter speed.

Comparison between the FZ200 and the FZ150

Yeah thats the greatest difference between these 3 cameras.. the FZ200 has a faster lens

and the sx50 has a longer lens without converter... and there are other differences like the

finders of the panas are betterand the Canon is a bit lethargic but other then that not so big differences....


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