How does the Sony 16-50 f2.8 compare IQ wise to the Sony 35 f1.8?

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Re: Motion Blur?

phaedin wrote:

I am curious about the claim that there is motion blur in the samples?

Is it just in the 16-50 samples or in all of them?

Kurt Munger has tested both lenses, and my own examples of the same lenses all correlate nicely, but I have to say the above test seems exceedingly contradictory..

The 35 at 1.8 in the corners it's nowhere near that sharp, which makes me think they are from the centre of the frame, but then 16-50 is nowhere near that soft at 2.8 in the centre, so I think either a very poor example of the lenses it's being shown, or something is wrong ing the tests..

Either way, I think Kurt's tests are quite indicative of the differences between the two.

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