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relate2 wrote:

You learn something new every day. I didn't know that on my NEX-7 and in fact most Sony interchangeable lens cameras is....when shooting Raw + jpeg, jpeg only gives you "Standard Jpeg" not fine or superfine.

I have been very happy with my Jpegs, but will have to do some "Fine Jpeg" shots to see if I can notice any improvement.

Here is a quote from an interview with Sony's Mark Weir from this link.


DE: This is another big request from our readers, that I believe applies to pretty much all the Sony interchangeable lens cameras: When you’re in RAW plus JPEG mode, you can only shoot… is it just JPEG normal? You can’t shoot RAW plus JPEG fine or super fine?

MW:Yeah, we have received requests to be able to set JPEG compression while shooting RAW plus JPEG and we are aware of that request.

I think he means that there isn't any adjustability today.  This is relatively easy to test.  Set the camera on a tripod with a static scene, take a RAW+JPEG shot, then a JPEG Fine, then a JPEG Std.  File sizes should easily tell you what the RAW+JPEG is saving at.

Just did an informal test and the RAW+JPEG resulted in a JPEG file of 4.7MB, the JPEG Fine resulted in a 4.5MB file and the JPEG Std resulted in a 3.2MB file.  I did this test handheld, which would account for the slight variation.

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