Crop sensor extends reach of lense?

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Re: It's the angle

schmegg wrote:

Just on this ...

Here is a comparison between the 5D3 and 7D which shows reach in action. The left image is the 5D3 shown at 300% and the right image is the 7D at 200%. (it's necessary to view the 5D3 image at 300% to match the size of the 7D at 200%). The subject (a banknote) was shot at the same distance with each camera using a 100/2.8 L Macro.

You can clearly see how much more detail the 7D is able to record when presented with the same optical projection when compared to the 5D3.

BTW - this was shot at ISO800. At lower ISO's the difference is only slightly more noticeable. At very high ISO's however, noise from the crop will have an impact and close the gap a bit. I'm not sure at what ISO the difference becomes moot, but the 7D is about one stop nosier than the 5D3 at pixel level at higher ISO's.

Thanks for posting that! Interesting to see the difference.

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