Canon G1X and Canon Wide converter (WD-H43 - 0.7x

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Re: Canon G1X and Canon Wide converter (WD-H43 - 0.7x

AFAIK, there are only two adapters for the G1X.  One is specific to the Canon macro light accessory and fits the body mount under the removable collar.  It's not used for anything else and Canon haven't marketed an adapter tube which fits to it that might take any other accessory.   The only other adapter available for the G1X is the filter thread adapter which takes 58mm filters.  The only way you can fit anything to this is via the filter thread and step up and (possibly) step down rings.

I don't know the attachment method for your existing converter.  You may be able to fit it if it has a conventional filter thread attachment.  If it doesn't, you wont be able to.  A key issue will be whether it vignettes or not.  One very rough check might be to see whether the diameter of the rear element of the converter exceeds the diameter of the G1X front element.  If the rear element diameter doesn't exceed the G1X front element diameter be a reasonable margin, there's every chance it will vignette.  A further issue, especially if the converter is a big one,  will be whether the weight of it could potentially damage the inner zoom tube and AF of your G1X.

Good luck,  Rod

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