Dr. Ben Carson

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Re: Dr. Ben Carson

lownine wrote:

mamallama wrote:

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William DIllard wrote:

I am surprised that this was not posted or perhaps I missed it. I think the speech is great myself. What do you think ???


Yep, you missed it.


I think his speech was great. I don't think his name will come up on the guest list of any future Obama parties.

I don't think Obama is that small minded. After all, Obama regularly invite John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and Eric Canor to WH state functions and it is they who have refused each time.

Don't tell me you think the invitations are an expression of protocol or a desire to enjoy their company? No good lawyer - or politician - asks a question unless he already knows the answer.

Those state dinners do not allow you to enjoy one's company. It's all just for see and be seen.

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