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lnguyenh wrote:

 But I have some concern when it comes to the ceremony or other indoor shots when I dont /cant use a flash


Maybe rent a better low light camera? - D700/D3s?

Practice, practice, practice... Try to do some second shooting w/an experienced wedding photographer. Go to the church where the wedding will take place and take some (low light) shots inside the church - see what you will be dealing with.

Yes, a 18-50'ish fast zoom would definitely help.

The 11-16 is (as someone else said) not a portrait lens, use it sparingly for effect.

Get (and use) a tripod for the 70-200.

Study - online and elsewhere about wedding photography.

Talk w/the bride & groom before hand. Get a clear understanding of what they would like to see. Understand that their wedding may be the most important day of their lives. They may have relatives and friends there that they might never see again. That said - prepare yourself so that you don't botch their day up. You'll only have one chance of getting things right. Realize that there may be a fair amount of stress exhibited by the bride or groom (or their family) that day that you may not expect ("Bridezilla") - be prepared to handle that. Make a list for yourself of various shots that are "must haves". Don't get in the way but DO get the shot. Have respect for the ceremony. Dress well. Have a backup (for everything). August? Outdoors? - bring a small cooler with water and a change of shirts.

Good luck!

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