Same price so which 70-300 should I get? Tamron or Nikon?

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Re: Same price so which 70-300 should I get? Tamron or Nikon?

Shotcents wrote:

*****None of the fanboys will answer your question regarding the superior sharpness of my posted samples, but as you can see they'll carry on about everything else. ******

Unfortunately true.

Re the lens, yes, there are many places who show poor, average, good and excellent sharp photos with it. Nikon Cafe has a good thread with many samples of both lenses.

The way it works here (i.e. in my country) is that I can try the lenses at the store, but it's very rare that they would have more than one of each, if at all. If I'm lucky enough that they would have one of each, I'll have to decide based on comparing them at the store. I can return after a few days for a fee, unless of course the lens is defective and then I can just return it (not sharp enough wouldn't be considered defective).

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