First Practice shots with my FZ200

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Re: First Practice shots with my FZ200: now try video

Markr041 wrote:

Very nice. My advice, while you are still "practicing," try the video too.

To me all bird photos look like someone took a stuffed bird and mounted it. You might as well go to a Natural History Museum diorama and take pictures of well posed birds. A video of birds in action, close-up, with good color really conveys what birds are about. They tell their own story.

The FZ200 video is great. Just turn the dial to Creative Movie mode, pick shutter priority, choose 1/60th or 1/125th (shooting 108060p of course). Press the shutter or video button. It's magic. Compose just like you do for still (don't even move the camera or zoom, as a start).

Here is a brief FZ200 clip. Just a common blue jay on a feeder, just like most of your birds, but a lot more interesting than a stuffed blue jay frozen in state.

Choose 1080p (gear), for the best quality.

And you can take frames from the video, and get really nice 1920x1080 jpegs too, with lots of frames to choose from (about 60 per second).

As for flying birds, well action is the point of video. Birds frozen in the air? doesn't compare.

And sharing video is just as easy as sharing stills.

Anyway, try it. The FZ200 is one of the few cameras with great video and still capability, and a great fast zoom lens.

I've seen a similar recommendation for this camera, but one thing at a time!  We leave on our birding trip next Sunday, so I will have to practice with the video before then.

I've been on such a mind set for still pictures, that the thought of video just hasn't been forefront on my radar.  As a paint artist, of course the two-dimensional art form is what I am used to working with.  But you make excellent points. Birds are alive and they certainly move in ways people do not. I should appreciate that more and try to record it best I can.

I have just set the Creative Movie settings as you described and we'll see what happens. I'll post if they are half way decent.

Thanks for the comments.

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