Tamron 90-300mm Ebay Find for Sony A99

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Re: Tamron 90-300mm Ebay Find for Sony A99

StayClassy wrote:

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StayClassy wrote:

Found this on Ebay; bought it for $150! No fungus, oil or visible damage. Listed as flawless. Does anyone have any experience using a 90-300mm Tamron on Sony Alpha cameras?

Original UV Filter

This lens usually sells for $30-60 on eBay, its an uncommon lens, but not a rare/desirable lens. I've used this lens and it is not a lens I would recommend to anyone unless the price was very low/it came in a lot with some better lenses you were after, for $75-150 you can get a modern version of the Tamron 70-300mm Di which will give you better performance. $175 gets you a brand new copy with warranty etc.

Were there any issues with sharpness from your use? I already bought it but I'm just curious if the IQ on the 70-300 is superior. Also with this being an uncommon lens, is there any chance of this being more of a collector's item?

I didn't test the optical qualities in any scientific way, I remember the general build, handling and focus speed to be rather poor(as you would expect from an early a mount consumer lens). I purchased it with a lot to get something else(don't remember what now) and quickly resold it.

Its an uncommon lens, but not what would generally be a lens that is considered to have collectable value, unlike say a Minolta 100/2.0, which sells near $1000 while similar lenses in the Canon system sell for about $3-400. There area a few reasons the Minolta 100/2 sells for so much, A. Its rare. B. Its an excellent lens. C. Its a lens that hasn't been updated in the alpha system and there is no real alternative from 3rd parties for this FL/Aperture setting. The same basic principal applies to the Minolta 35/2. as well.

This lens may be uncommon/rare, but it fails on the other points, not being a particularity good lens, and having many, many choices of better lenses in the system commonly available from Sony, Minolta and 3rd parties, so its unlikely to hold any sort of collectable value, unless you find some person who is really nutty about early Tamron lenses...

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