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Re: The 14 prime is sharper than zooms

sbszine wrote:

sigala1 wrote:

I am very good at pixel peeping, and I can't tell that the Panasonic 14mm prime has any better image quality than the kit lens that comes with the E-PL5. In fact, just the opposite, I think the kit lens has better image quality because there are less chromatic aberration correction artifacts in the corners of the image.

While certainly there are lenses that go wider than the kit lens, they don't all produce better image quality.

See, for example:


The 14 does have worse CA wide open, but you want to shoot it at F4 for best sharpness anyway. It also seems to render nicer colours than the Oly zooms.

My recommendation is the Samyang fisheye.

I judge images based on my own two lying eyes and not artificial results of a computer evulation of sharpness shooting at (presumably black and white) test charts.

1. Sharpness is only ONE aspect of image quality which is overtalked about because it's easiest to measure. I was talking about overally IMAGE QUALITY and not sharpness.

2. It's not fair to compare the 14mm pancake to the zoom at the same focal length, because f/3.5 is wide open on the kit but stopped down on the pancake. If you stop the kit zoom down a little at 14mm, it becomes very sharp, and that link didn't test that.

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