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uh, it's really obvious what is going on

WD wrote:

I agree 100%. I'm convinced, the reason we haven't seen a D400 or new DX lenses is that Nikon is directing their energy, research and development in the mirrorless direction. The V1 is a working test-bed from which the DX mirrorless system will evolve.

Nikon realizes they're in a horse race and near the back of the pack, rounding the first turn and heading into the backstretch. They need to show their supporters they're like Secretariat, who could come from behind and win by 10 lengths! (I just hope Secretariat has a good Jockey!)

And while we wait, since the race has a way to go yet, give us the dang D400! It's probably the last one you'll ever have to design.


What do you need, nikon to send  a telegram to you personally? They are slowly killing off DX while putting their main energies into FX. They are testing the waters with mirrorless, but aren't going "all in" with it. All you have to look at is last year's product announcements to see the writing on the wall. It's not that complicated.

Yes, DX will be around for a few more years. They will definitely continue the D3xxx, D5xxx and D7xxx lines for a few more generations. We *might* get a D400, there's a chance. And then what? It could be another 5 years until they update the "pro dx" line after that. Because it is not a moneymaker for Nikon.

DX always was a stopgap measure to get DSLRs to the masses. With the falling cost of full frame sensors, DX is becoming irrelevant. And please, spare me the "DX has more reach" argument. That is super amateur talk. If reach is a major concern with you, there's always teleconverters.

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