Basler Camera Problems

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Basler Camera Problems


I am new to this forum, but I hope I am posting to the right place!

I am a graduate student in a research group doing HDR video. We recently purchased a Basler acA2000-50gc camera but we are having some problems.

1. Upon taking the camera out of the box, the images captured have a greenish tint to them. They look like they were taken on an old camcorder. Our application requires the images to be raw so having gamma correction or other nonlinear adjustment will cause issues.

2. There is serious vignetting of the image. Once again giving it an old 1960s camera feel. (Note: this is not a huge issue as we can offset the image in the pylon software that Basler provided, but it is still irritating)

3. A good way to capture the frames from the camera. Currently, we use the api and some sample code to extract the frames and save them directly. We initially tried to use third party software like virtualvcr and sharpcap. Although these programs detected the camera, they were unable to open video capture.

4. We are taking alternating exposures from frame to frame but we are having issues with frames being skipped and tiny black lines on the bottom and right edges of the image.

Has anyone experienced any of these issues?

Also, any suggestions for a c-mount lens? The one we have now is not robust enough for our needs.

I would appreciate any help with any of the above areas. I apologize if I am posting in the wrong place. If this is the case, please point me in the right direction.


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