Anyone use Olympus Viewer 2?

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Re: Default sharpening? Re: Anyone use Olympus Viewer 2?

BHPhotog wrote:

If I make no changes to an .ORF file and use Viewer "Develop and Save" as a 16-bit TIFF file, does it apply any sharpening? If so, does it use the sharpening setting in the OM-D, or Viewer software settings (that are unknowable I suppose).

Thanks for any feedback, Brian

Ummm, at a guess it uses the camera settings as the default, unless you get in there and change it.

Just checked it now...... Basic 2 tab in RAW developer has Sharpness item, it shows by default "As Shot" so you get the same settings as the camera. The change from As Shot is to go from -2 to +2 and then also Fine Adjust goes from -2 to +2 on top of that, but no idea what results you get as I have never fiddled with that.

Be aware that the -2 Sharpness in the camera still does a bit of sharpening to the in-camera jpeg. Not sure what the Oly Viewer 2 does if I turn off all sharpening, I usually use other RAW converters.

Or you can use the Gear Wheels Advanced Settings tab and access UnSharp Mask to have better control.

Usually though I like to produce jpegs/tiffs that are totally unsharpened and then sharpen to taste to suit display size or print size afterwards, or leave it mildly under-sharpened and let Qimage Ultimate work its magic for sharpening appropriately to suit the selected print size.

Regards...... Guy

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