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Re: Setting up camera using Olympus Viewer 2 Software?

BHPhotog wrote:

I'm new to the OM-D and so new to JPEGs of this quality. Am I reading this right that using Viewer the changes I might make for my best setup are identical to what I can do in the camera? Is there then a way to save those settings and use them as a "MySet" or do they have to be entered individually?

There's no way to save software settings and transfer them to camera, you need to figure out what you did in the software and then do the same to the camera. After that then save  as a MySet to keep the setting relatively safe.

The Oly Viewer 2 software does not exactly do the same thing as the camera but it is close enough.

To double-check your Oly Viewer 2 setups before getting serious, then take a RAW and do various RAW edits in the camera while changing various adjustments and then take a careful look at them on a calibrated IPS monitor to see what works best, then use that camera setup. That way you are testing exactly what the camera does to the jpegs.

My advice is to find a "universal" setting that suits you for jpegs, but always take RAW+jpeg and then you have both the easy-to-use jpeg and the luxury of accessing the RAWs when you need to post process more carefully. Those little USB powered hard drives are cheap now so no problem in storing those RAWs more or less "forever".

Regards...... Guy

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