Comparison of Image Stabilisers: IS on E-PL5, OIS on 12-35/2.8 and IBIS on E-M5

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Guy Parsons
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Bob Carstens wrote:


Would you recommend keeping the IBIS on with my E-PL1 using the m40-150 lens? I've been using the Pana 14-45mm with OIS as my other lens. Thanks

The way I use my 40-150mm ('tis the old kit with 4/3 lens plus MMF-2) is to try and avoid IBIS and only turn it on if I see that I am seriously messing up, or I realise that the shutter speed is too low. Typically that results in maybe using IBIS as I drop below 1/320 sec for 150mm to the other end where I might use IBIS below maybe 1/80 sec for 40mm.

Now with Panasonic 45-150mm then same shutter speed rules for me on E-PL1 and E-P3, but with E-PL5 I can use its unswitched OIS, so maybe that might work out better than IBIS but have yet to do comparisons.

Regards...... Guy

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