DP3M Poll: Who's interested?

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Re: DP3M Poll: Who's interested?

Harold66 wrote:

YEAH right. You are making an opinion for a few minutes at the display booth. It is not serious. It is like those who post what they call a camera review from handling for a few hours at a store ..

It was more like about 30 minutes total.  And it's not like I have not shot other digital cameras with an LCD over my lifetime that had zoom, and thus offered similar shooting FOV and challenges.

let s be serious for a second, shall we?

I thought I was being serious by posting opinions based on actually handling the camera and using existing LCD cameras for model shots.  It's not that big of a leap from shooting models with a DP-2M to a DP-3M.  I've shot both 30mm and 50mm lenses before on the SD-1.

and this is pure common sense. When you shoot with a small tele lenses , most of the images are going to be shot within a given distance bracket , say 2 to 5 meters ir so

Here I'm not quite sure what you are saying...  If you are talking about just shooting models, then that would be the approximate range used - although I would disagree with that range in terms of environmental portraiture or outdoor nudes and so on.

As I said, I am very picky about framing and to me even a few mm does matter.  I have no issues shooting LCD cameras in that regard because I also have eyes and can see things shift either as I move by body with the camera or on the LCD.

But if you're also talking about other uses I totally disagree.  As a landscape camera shooting within those ranges would actually be pretty uncommon - you'd be more likely to be close and shooting macro, or somewhat distant scenes.

Common sense AND practical experience tell me the DP-3M will work for shooting models, I really can't see any arguments to the contrary especially given that you can use the LCD as a viewfinder if you absolutely require that.

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