Need some info on Nikon 14-24/2.8 glass

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Re: Need some info on Nikon 14-24/2.8 glass

I don't shoot in a science lab. My experience with the 14-24mm is concerning real world, pragmatic, photography and cinematography; things hanging on walls and used in films. It is a fantastic lens at all focal lengths but at 14-16mm there are some oddities to contend with. The distortion is rather pronounced. Shooting against light shows "parentheses" like aberrations, ghosting/lens flare it appears, that are also very pronounced and not easily ignored. These are not present at longer focal lengths.

This is not to say I do not recommend this lens. I certainly do and want to make that clear. I have used many lenses and all have their weaknesses. Now, having this knowledge, you can use these to your advantage or avoid them, but the 14-24mm performs best at these longer focal lengths and has fewer problems with which to contend.

The "slight quality drop" is imperceptible, if it exists at all. I can't imagine in what scenario you've actually seen this quality drop with the naked eye. During a film production, a photo I shot (that was later used for a movie poster) at 24mm, f2.8 (by accident, I really should have shot at f8 or so), against the sun, late May in Menil Sur Saulx, France at about 8pm. Should have been a mess but it is one of the best photos out of nearly 3000 we shot. Almost no post production done on the photo aside from a few dust spots and a little contrast to make the silhouettes darker.

Nikkor 14-24mm @ 24mm F2.8

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