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Re: 'Broken Reord'

Lin Evans wrote:

But when the same person repeatedly makes the same remarks about a significant number of images being posted from the Sigma Merrill cameras, it de-facto becomes a "broken record." This, in colloquial English means a phonograph record where the needle is rejected time and again by a "crack" so that it repeats the same portion over and again.

In my opinion it's an elegant way to say something without words. A rational person, in critique of images produced by a particular instrument, makes their opinion and position about it known and then drops further comments. One who apparently has an "agenda" continues to comment until astute observers have no need to read their comments because they "know" apriori what is about to be said. Everyone who frequents this forum knows precisely what these comments will be, so what is gained by continually repeating them? What is accomplished is controversy and arguments which have zero value to either viewpoint.

Sounds like you and many of your friends here :-).

Of course keep ignoring the "good threads" I gave posted too. That's the real problem, if I don't toe the line some people with some rather apparent too close affiliation to Sigma,, or not the constant praise and bashing of other brands then I am a bad person.  I'll give ypu this much:  at least you guys don't discriminate against me on this Just to have an independent different opinion seems to be all that it takes.


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