P7100 part travelogue, part gearhead talk

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P7100 part travelogue, part gearhead talk

I took my P7100 to a trail near the foothills ostensibly to test the "infinity" setting.  But I'm an equal opportunity shooter so I took pics of everything, infinity or not.

30 seconds out of my car, a big raven launched himself off a tree and flew overhead.  I'd just put my camera into "infinity" so here's my chance!  But no.  All the pics were out of focus.

I then went up onto the hillside and shot stuff from 5/10/15/20/30 feet and beyond to see where in fact "infinity" begins and it appears (when the P7100 is at full tele) to be about 12 feet away.  So everything beyond that should be shot clearly in focus, right?  Well...

It appears that, facts and theories notwithstanding, the P7100 focus system just wants to do what it wants.  I'd focus on some tree limbs with countryside in the distance and the limbs would be in focus but not the scene in the background.  Pretty consistently, I might add.

But, so what, the P7100 does what it does really well so I'm going to just keep enjoying it.

It looked like it might snow on me but it stayed in the foothills.

One area has these cool round features.

I heard a dog barking his head off.  Turns out this coyote was lurking about the property.  Cropped bigtime.

You be the judge.  Focused on the green tree (on "infinity"), tree in focus, background not.

I'm a sucker for cool rocks, laying as only Mother Nature can lay them.

Shot on "macro" and total fail.  This is what I've been alluding to.  I tried all manner of focus points but nothing could bring this end of a branch in focus.

Scene Mode "Close Up" to the rescue.  Aim and shoot, got the shot.  I used "macro" in other situations on this hike but it's always failed me in comps like this.  Thank god for "Close Up".

Your guess is as good as mine what caused these formations.  Water?  How long did it take to cut these wavy channels?

Nikon Coolpix P7100
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