Action bird shots with the FZ200

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Re: Action bird shots with the FZ200

sherman_levine wrote:

dgcummins wrote:

Very nice. I'm still unclear on the concept of the red dot light. If a bird is flying, you look through the red dot LED screen, and do you aim directly on the bird until you get the red dot on the bird? I don't see the advantage...what am I missing here?


Couple of things.

When you look in the EVF, you can't see anything outside the field of view, so it's hard to find the bird in the first place.

The RDS has a small, bright LED at the "eye" end of the sight, which projects a bright image ("dot") on the aluminized lens surface (at the "bird" end of the sight). The surface is curved so the dot appears to be at infinity, so you can focus on the dot and on the bird at the same time. You can (more or less) see that in the images Rodger posted, where the RDS is out of focus, but the dot is in sharp focus.

You can also see everything around the RDS - so you can find the bird.

In addition, you don't need to have your eye in any specific position to see the dot overlay the bird. As long as the RDS is pointed at the bird, you can move your eye from side to side, and the dot will remain over the bird. Similarly, you can hold both the camera and your head in one place and rotate the camera to find the bird


OK, so with this RDS, you can keep your eye on the whole scene and more readily find the bird without having to look through either of the camera's viewfinders which limit the local viewing area. I assume the RDS does not affect any of the settings, auto or manual, of the camera.  I can see that being helpful.  Thank you.

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