How good are Nik plugins for LR4?

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Re: How good are Nik plugins for LR4?

I have the Nik Complete collection for Lightroom and a wholeheartedly recommend it. You wont know whether it is the right product for you, however, unless you download a free trial and give it a go.

You are certainly underestimating the product if you think it is just a bunch of 'presets'. What Lightroom is pretty good at, is making global adjustments to your images. It is possible to make selective adjustments but it is pretty klunky.

Niksoftware has its 'U-point' technology which makes, making selective adjustments a breeze. This starts in say Viveza whereby you can make selective adjustments to colour, brightness, contrast' shadows etc to individual parts of an image. It is equally useful when applying their filters in Color Efex - imagine you have say a graduated neutral density filter on the sky and it was affecting trees sticking up from the foreground - one click and these will be excluded from the filter.

I like Dfine (quick and easy to use and effective on automatic settings), dont have much use for HDR Pro (as I dont do much HDR). Silver Efex Pro is perhaps their most popular product.

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