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It seems to me that you really need to take the time to understand Lightroom and how it works. You ask how to set up for "import by reference". If I understand you correctly, that is what Lightroom does. There is no other option. Since Lightroom doesn't make any actual changes to the images (all changes are stored in the catalog) Lightroom just needs to know where the image is located on the disk. If you need a copy of the image with all of those changes then you use the "export" function.

The reason you should only move images from within Lightroom is because, since it is just pointing to the image where it is located on your computer system, if you move it using Bridge or some other program Lightroom no longer knows where it is located. So you have to take the time to synchronize your catalog in order to get that connection back.

As I stated previously, it would be well for you to take time to understand how Lightroom works and create a workflow that is efficient. Right now, what you are asking for, seems to be how to make sense out of a screwy workflow.

I suppose it seems rather clever and 21st century-like to worry about being green. But I think you will probably have to purchase the hard copy of the student edition. It has already been created, so you aren't going to make things any worse, in my opinion. If you purchase a student edition you'd better make sure that you have a university e-mail address and the proper credentials. You don't get the serial number in the box with the student edition. You yet a number that you must provide Adobe along with other credentials. And when those have all been verified you will receive your serial number. Normally that only takes a few minutes.

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