First Practice shots with my FZ200

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First Practice shots with my FZ200

I've been practicing as much as I can with this camera to learn the settings.  Most of it is very new to me, also this forum thing. These pics are mostly from my backyard and neighborhood. I was trying different settings to see what was working and how.  I sometimes don't know why some turned out and some didn't. Please look and let me know what settings I might try next time to improve.  ´╗┐All are SOOC. Thanks for any comments. (I live in the Olympic Peninsula of

Washington state.)

Have no idea what I'm doing at this point but had to break the ice with the camera.

Taken through glass door with bird about 30 feet away from home.

Song sparrow figuring out the cage.

Trying out the zoom lens

He made it!  How could I have made this brighter?

Rare to see Pileated Woodpecker on feeder! Shot quickly through glass door, not checking settings...

Pileated got some company from Northern Flicker (Red Shafted) who "owns" feeder.

It looked so much brighter in viewfinder. I'm guessing I can fix with PP.

Had to try running water. This was a ditch nearby. I still had no real idea how to use the camera.

It was getting to sunset as I walked my dog and liked the colors. It's a little darker than it was.

Flock of crows overhead heading to their roosts.

I could not find a way to get the color of the rock.  It was actually more brown than gray. Help.

First try using Macro setting, but something's wrong.

The colors in the clouds caught my eye, but they didn't show up. They had rainbow-like colors.

Sunset from my deck.  This was not through the glass door.

Had to try one of a flying bird, not sure if it's a female Pigeon Guillemot. What are those ghosts at the bottom?

The lighting was bad, but had to try to get this pair of Common Mergansers. They move fast.

This guy wondered where his dinner went after he scared them away. He was a surprise bird, Sharp-Shinned Hawk. I was inside the house, 10 feet from the glass doors, so as not to scare him, and the feeder is 30 feet away from the door. I did purposely set some settings and happy with the shot, but needs a little PP.

Still wondering where the little birds have gone. Lost some detail here.

Still looking for those dinner birds.  Loved how the sun caught his eye and the breeze caught his feathers.

Maybe they went UP!

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200
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Flat view
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