Paris - January

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Re: Paris - January

I like the possibility of the first shot the best.  You have the 20 mm and you have that crowd across the street.  Now move across that street and mingle with that crowd.  If you feel uncomfortable shooting up close, you need to get over it.  Try shooting from the hip if you can't force yourself to bring the camera to your eye.  The 20 mm is great for this type of shot and the GX1 should be a good camera as well.  I shoot with the G3 and use 20 almost all of the time, but I just bought the 25 mm so that might change.  It takes practice to get past being afraid to shoot strangers.  You might tell anyone that asked that you are documenting what you see in Paris.  If this isn't your country and you don't speak French, smile a lot.  But here is a question for some one from France, what are the laws regarding street photography in your country.  In the USA if you are on a sidewalk and can see it, you can photograph it.  But the laws of the many different countries vary.

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