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Re: 'Broken Reord'

richard stone wrote:

Daisaku Watanabe wrote:

mroy wrote:

Daisaku Watanabe wrote:

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

I'm not very fan of Raist3d but what you are doing is just personal attack.

Stop it please.

'One who continually repeats the same statement with little variation, if any.'

There is no personal attack at all - and the picture is very funny actually.

I don' think you need a reply, but this is not funny at all,

and you should not make a thing funny-looking

because you disagree with someone's opinion.

It does not go anywhere. So stop it.



No, I think you are just wrong. There is no need to stop it, and you are wrong to demand it in such an abrupt and rude way. Nothing gives you that right.

It may be a "personal" remark, but it is not about him personally, or an attack on who he is, or his character. It is a comment directly regarding what Raist has repeatedly written about the various cameras and about Kendall, opinions from Raist which are hyper-sensitive to various claimed issues with the various DP/M Cameras. Raist claims to see "color" issues where most people do not, which is one thing, but he offers them and insists upon them in a way that I have found quite abrasive. Regardless of the various positive reviews the DP2M received, Raist was determined to repeat, again and again, what he perceived as the flaws of the camera, and he was, as I saw it, quite willing to insult anyone who disagreed with him.

But Kendal did not call him names or insult him or criticize him. He merely suggested, in a graphic way, that it was just more of the same. I think Kendall exercised considerable restraint under the circumstances.

Would it have been better if Kendall had said, "Raist, you always say that and see issues which are essentially invisible and which (if they were visible) are curable?" Or is a picture of a broken record worth a thousand words?

If you think that putting meaningless jpg image to the forum without a word makes you more comfortable, fine, though I disagree with it.

If you have opinion about it, and if you want to spend time on it, you can discuss with reasons, not with "funny" jpg.

If you don't see any value on someones's notes, you can skip/ignore him, without attacking someone.

Bestr regareds,


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