Just a little old image from the rainforest with an E-30...

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Re: Just a little old image from the rainforest with an E-30...

Kurt_K wrote:

It's a little better, yeah, however I think I'd still prefer something about halfway between what you've done here and what Entropius captured in the original (i.e., a bit more pop, but still below the threshold of appearing over-sharpened). I'd be interested in hearing what others have to say, and in particular, Entropius's thoughts.

I am very much a minimalist when it comes to post-processing, in general -- I prefer a lighter touch, and images that are heavily sharpened and clarity'd (in Lightroom) seem unnatural to me. This is of course an artistic choice, and there's nothing wrong with heavy post-processing; I just don't prefer it.

DavidH's rendering definitely has more eye-popping vividness to it. But the sharpening on the leaves have strong haloes around them that, while they accentuate the detail, are distracting to me. Especially since I see this as a pretty serene scene, sharpening like this seems out of place.

The first thing that drew my eye was the blur on the "BIG rock" in the front. Perhaps this is just from experience of looking at a gazillion pictures, but it looks unnatural. I don't really know how to do artificial blur (since it's a technique I've not made use of), but at least in this instance I don't prefer it.

David, thanks for your work on the image; while I don't prefer some of the choices you made I definitely appreciate the time you spent making them, and that's a purely personal taste on my part.

I do like the suggestion of adding more pop, though. I achieved this with four adjustments, done in GIMP:

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Curves adjustment to add contrast, with a little brightening of the midtones (leaving the white point and black point alone);

--Saturation adjustments, something like +15 overall but -10 to the green channel, to bring out the colors in the rocks without making the foliage look lurid;

--Unsharp mask: radius 400 pixels, amount 0.08 (or something like that), to add very mild "local contrast" -- this is somewhat like Lightroom's clarity tool, but with a larger radius giving a more subtle effect

--Unsharp mask, radius 0.5 pixel, some larger amount (to give just a little pixel-level bite to the edge, basically to restore acutance lost in the bicubic downsize)

Here's my take on the image now:

It's interesting to hear other folks' take on post-processing; I enjoy discussions like this. Far better than the gear-whinging that seems to have taken over 1041!

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