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Gotta question the OP's motive, particulary given he's never come back.

The question I have for all you guys who think the OP is a saint is this: why did he bother posting what he did, in this forum? I don't come over to your house and criticize your wife in front of you, you know?

Reading the OPs history shows a very distinct brand-defensiveness bias. I know personally - you know, that thing called real life - a wedding shooter who shoots Canon, a top name "famous" industrial/corporate photographer who shoots Nikon, a published landscape photographer who shoots Olympus, and a couple of published sports pros who shoot Nikon and Canon. Funny thing is, when we get together and talk, none of us ever sits there and gets into this sort of behavior where you go into another brand forum / camp and proclaim their brand as being bad. All of us would say the same thing: If you can't get a good image out of any of the current bodies (Olympus OM-D, Canon 5D ii or iii, Nikon D600 or 800, etc), the issue ain't the camera - it's the guy holding it. And any of us could easily switch systems tomorrow and be competent in that system in about a day or two, and be able to produce handheld sharp images and all the rest of it without any issue, and none of us would head off to the computer to post in that brands forum about how bad that camera we just got handed is either.

So given the OP has never come back to rationally discuss his thoughts with those who have tried to explain/help him out (which speaks volumes about his intent right there IMO), and can't seem to do what most every serious shooter I know of could do (use ANY current DSLR from any manufacturer, hand held, and get excellent images),

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