First bird shot with the 7D

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Re: First bird shot with the 7D

Hello Wayne,

Good first attempts!  Shooting birds and BIF are addictive and a lot of fun!  I've been doing it for a few years and while far from an expert,  I have improved and gained a lot of knowledge, some from this forum.

A longer lens is nice, but far from a necessity at this point, and it depends on what you are shooting.  I love to walk and shoot hand held, so I shoot with a Canon 300 f/4 IS, sometimes with a 1.4 TC.  In fact I've shot a few rather nice shots with the Canon 18-135mm!  And the 7D.

Your first picture of the snowy egret is pretty well exposed - pretty tough since he is white and was in the bright sunlight - it's inevitable for the darker background to be dark.  One thing important for bird photography, even BIF is to try and have the head/eye in good light.  Yours is in shadow, but hey, not bad.

I presume the second shot is with no crop - not much you can do for detail without getting closer or with a longer lens.  But a better crop could make a more interesting composition, even though you're not going to get much detail of the cormorant.

I would also suggest for practice to shoot gulls if your near the beach, or larger birds like egrets/herons in flight.  They're fairly predictable.  I shot, and still shoot various gulls over and over, even though they're so common, just to try and improve my technique and try and anticipate their flight/movements.  Capturing a more uncommon bird well is a great thrill, but you have to nail and improve your technique first.

Here are a few shots of mine.  It's funny - when I think I've nailed a shot - sharp focus,  good exposure, etc. - I post it to a bird forum for critique - there are always a few things that could be improved - head angle, wing position, position in frame, light on head, etc.  That's the beauty of bird photography and BIF - there is so much to learn, improve upon and make better!  It's always a challenge, but I promise if you stick with it for a few months, you WILL improve and be hooked.

Here are a few of my shots - though far from perfect, there is always something in them that encourages me to keep trying and improve, (plus I love birds,  walking and the outdoors!)



Black Skimmer in flight

Black Skimmer with fish

Even though I missed the wing tips, I still like this...

Great Blue Heron taking off

This was taken with the 'lowly' Canon 18-135mm IS lens.

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