Building a Editing Desktop ? Where do most folk start ?

Started Feb 8, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: how about this?

wrx_sti wrote:

Maybe I just like to tinker with my computers more than the average person, so for the average user I would however recommend using a NAS running some sort of RAID for the backup box. I recommend the Synology line...

Well, if your NAS contains a lot of spinners there's a little more justification for RAID.

But, you're still going to need a good backup system. Because a home NAS only increases the risk of data loss due to user error and malware.

And building a good backup system for a NAS is a fairly expensive proposition. In fact, it's the main reason I don't currently run a NAS myself. I can't see a good way to do it right (including backup) without spending some big bucks.

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