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Re: COME ONNNNNNNN NIKON! Ipads for event photography lol

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I agree 100%. I'm convinced, the reason we haven't seen a D400 or new DX lenses is that Nikon is directing their energy, research and development in the mirrorless direction. The V1 is a working test-bed from which the DX mirrorless system will evolve.

It's going to be a tough road for Nikon.

We all know that Nikon have significant expertise in sensors, optics, AF systems etc.

But that's not going to be the battleground. The market is buying user interface, and integration with networks, computers, other hardware and applications. These are areas where Nikon has shown itself to be less than excellent or innovative.

In many ways, it started with the iPhone. But now look at the way Sony are starting to adopt those ideas into offerings like the NEX. WiFi, in-camera apps for all kinds of stuff including bracketing, HDR, panos, time lapse, social networking and more. Personally, I think Sony's implementation is still a little rough but they "get it" and will refine the details over time.

Nikon are going to have to completely reinvent themselves if they are to produce a NEX smasher in the next year or two (which is what they need to do). I just can't see it happening.

Spot on. I think Nikon has the most difficulty working this into their culture. Every Nikon wireless interface seems crude and hacked up compared with what the competition is doing, or indeed what they could do quite simply.

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I was at an event a couple months ago cant remember where (memory! lol) but my jaw almost dropped at the sheer number of Ipads pulled out to take a photo of the event. It was like shootout at the OK Corral but with Ipads    I think it was a school do, lots of people. And IPad after Ipad was up in the air taking a shot.

That is where the 'consumer' market is headed and you are right.

At the consumer level, no one cares about ISO, aperture, shutter, they want a nice pic of their boy or girl singing or collecting a prize, or posing with their firends, that they can then email out on facebook, twitter and to the photo printing place.

Not that there is anything wrong with that, its a record of a memory, that will never pass again.

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.....Just from an amateur......''Sometimes it's to your advantage for people to think you're crazy.” I am only a hoobyist, I cannot and do not give expert advice, dont expect it, just take it as a suggestion to think about, but only if you wish to. We should try to not wait for life to happen, while it passes us by.

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