Building a Editing Desktop ? Where do most folk start ?

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Re: how about this?

mfahim27753 wrote:

I agree, RAID is not a backup, but very useful against drive failure.

One of my drive failed couple weeks ago, which had some last night edited images. I backup every two days and those edited images would have been gone, if I didn't have RAID. It has it usefulness, but one must backup to other storage devices.

Yup. But had those images been lost because of user error or malware (which is far more common than drive failure) you would have been screwed.

Better to copy your images from the camera to two disks before you format the memory card.

I normally sync my images drive to a USB external backup as soon as the images have been copied onto it, duds culled, and the remainder tagged.

Also if you:

1. Buy good quality drives
2. Keep your computer vents clean so things don't get cooked
3. Replace the drives at the first hint of trouble or after 5-6 years...

the chances of data loss due to drive failure are pretty darn slim.

After taking account of these things, I see absolutely zero reason to spend time and money on RAID for the typical home computer setup.

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