Stacking is crazy!

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Stacking is crazy!

Wow - thanks to some awesome members here on DPReview I was inspired to have a crack at this 'Stacking' malarky ... all I can say is once you get the hang of it.. WOW ... this is only a humble first attempt but there is next to no noise and what would be an already great image becomes amazingly engaging to zoom in and explore! I'm hooked!

Crazy ...

Before @ 100% ... not bad!

After @ 100% ... Wow


*Take your 11 raw images using burst mode.

*Open them all in your raw software

*Increase size to approx 28mp

*Apply max sharpening 'amount' (but I found it best to reduce to minimum any 'radius' or 'detail' options under sharpening...still a bit unsure of this step) and set any noise reduction to 0

*Save jpegs

*Open your jpegs in a stack in photoshop

*Select all layers and auto-align

*Starting from lowest layer set opacity to 100/50/33/25/20/17/14/12/11/10/9

*Merge all layers to one

*Survey your masterpiece!

I think I got all the steps right - feel free to correct me!

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