Lighting Kit for Pet/Food/Portraits/Event

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Re: Lighting Kit for Pet/Food/Portraits/Event

I appreciate your reply BAK and I'll try to clear up any confusion.

I AM talking about professionally. I'm passionate about pets, food and telling a deep, meaningful story, so I want to focus on pet photography, food photography and essays.

Pet photography is my forte, where I'm happiest and where the majority of my business is going to come from. I'm more than halfway done with my formal business plan and have my products and pricing set.

Food photography is something I want to learn and I'm dedicated to doing it right, and have already spent some time shooting food for a few area restaurants - free marketable images for them and learning for me (plus free food).

Essays about people and situations - this would be along the lines of what you see in National Geographic, a written piece with strong photos to go with it; this is more of a personal project I'm exploring to see if there is a way to commercially present it.

Documentary pet photography would be along the lines of what you see Jamie Pflughoeft, Charlotte Reeves, Illona Haus, Britt Croft, etc. I prefer the term photojournalistic, but it's longer and not as self-evident to potential clients, whereas nearly everyone knows what documentary style will look like. This is going to be all on-location, primarily outside but also occasionally inside the owner's home/other buildings. For that reason I'd like something I can use to illuminate poorly lit rooms or just enhance the environment in general. This will be in addition to my diffused flash to ensure I'm getting those catchlights.

I didn't initially mention videography but yes, it's something I'd love to learn as well to offer a whole "day in the life of" package.

Food photography . . . it's spellbinding when done right. There's so much to learn about it that I know I'm not at the point where I want to be, but I do want to get started with the right lighting gear and knowledge to head down the right road.

If it helps at all I've got a 5DII.

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