A77 Baseball - ISO 200 to 12,800

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Re: I like your images. You might consider

FreeRadical009 wrote:

Steve Cohan wrote:

a f2.8 lens. You won't have to crank up your ISO. Your widest lens opening on the displayed images is 4.5 while most are 5. A 2.8 makes all the difference in the world.

Completely agreed, but consider just how big would a 70-400mm f2.8 lens would be, not to mention expensive...

Unless I'm forgetting a lens here, all the f2.8 lenses in the Sony line up (except for one) are either short primes or short zoom lenses, which would have required the original poster to be inside the playing field for that kind of shots.

The 300mm f2.8 could have worked, but then again, that lens isn't that cheap or that accessible last I checked.

Completely forgot about the 70-200mm f2.8 G lens. Oops, my bad... That's a viable option too, but then again, sometimes we take long zoom lenses because we don't know just how much reach we'll need or maybe it's the only lens we got at the moment and we are forced to turn the ISO up.

But circling back to Steve's point, yeah, a f2,8 lens will definetely give you more light to work with and prevent you from increasing the ISO. I'm waiting to see just how good the Tamron new version of their 70-200mm f2,8 lens to see if I jump for that one or go for the G one.

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