R3000 ink levels display

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Re: R3000 ink levels display

Phil Hill wrote:

You might need to install and configure the EpsonNet utility (available from the web site).

Hi Phil,

Unless you are talking about something different, I do have that installed - it is the wireless network setup?  I had help from a computer wizard to set the wireless up - mostly the issue was IP address issues.  In addition to going through that setup the router needed to be set up with a static IP for the printer.  So the printer now does everything wireless - prints and nozzle check, but no display of the ink levels.

I could learn to live with not having the display show, but it is a little like having a new car with one of the hub caps missing - some of the pazazz is gone.  I was hoping this was one of those things where somone would say, Oh yeah, go check this or that box.

I haven't tried resetting the carts, but it seems that since they register on the printer display that would not be a likely fix.


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