Shooting with the X-E1, XF14, XF18, and XF18-55

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Re: Shooting with the X-E1, XF14, XF18, and XF18-55

Do you use the CPL in the  Cokin holder (nearest slot) or a screw-in CPL directly on the lens (and then attach the Cokin holder)?

RNDLL wrote


For starters an ND8, 3 stop Soft ND grad, and 2 stop Hard ND Grad. And a Circular Polarizer, though I seem to be skipping the CPL these days.

Later on you can add a 2 and 3 stop reverse ND Grad and a Hoya ND400 or a B+W ND110 for ultra long exposures.

By the way, I was using a 58-77mm step-up ring because all my filters are 77mm. I am also using a Cokin Z-Pro filter holder.

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