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Here's some additional workflow explanation ...


  • First cleaned up the spots, aligned the vertical, and cropped to square.
  • Then I made a new layer (ctrl J) and chose Curves. When you put the curves line
    to left above, the copper is revealing already, while the air is bleeching out.
  • Save this pic.
  • Select the air (mind the continuous mark), in order to select all white parts, and invert the selection (then only the more polished Tower remains).
  • Move this tower onto a new pic with transparant background.
  • On the original image, add a new layer by ctrl J, and set blend mode to Multiply (this makes the air more dramatic).
  • Move the new tower onto the original image, and position it adequately.
  • Flatten image
  • I added a little bity smoothening via ctrl J layer with RPM Beuatifull filter
  • Also added a speia filter layer (not too much)
  • Finally flattening, and adding some sharpening.

The most challegeing part was to adeqately select the white parts betwen the many tiny posts of the Eiffel tower. this indeed was the most painstaking job 

Hope this will give you some better idea of my workflow.


Drag this pic as well onto a new (transparant) image  in a new ihen

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Regards, Mario.

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