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Re: R3000 ink levels display

Vernon D Rainwater wrote:

Jay Reeves wrote:

Due to a system rebuild and fresh OS install I needed to re-install the software and driver for the Epson R3000. Everything is working well except the ink level display on the main page in printing preferences window is not registering ink - all inks are grey - as if the printer is not turned on, when in fact, it is.

System is Cone inks and carts - Win 7 - wireless connection. I am able to print and the ink level display shows on the printer display. All was working prior to the re-install.

Would it make sense to pull the carts and reset them? Any thoughts would be appreciated.



Hello Jay,

I believe petruska (Bob) uses the R3000 with cone inks and cartridges. Hopefully He will see your post and respond. I don't know if You and He use the same type systems (PC or MAC). You may have already mentioned which you use.

He use a PC so he has no problems.

The weird problems with Epson Printers are always with the latest MAC OSs

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