6D vs 5D3, can't make up my mind...

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Remote shooting with a laptop and IR remote

jocau wrote:

It basically boils down to 5D3 AF vs 6D Remote Shooting (EOS Remote app + iPhone/iPad). The AF will be used in virtually every shot except for a few LiveView shots, while the Remote Shooting option will practically only be used for selfportraits which would be very hard to get with the 5D3 since I can't look at my facial expression/pose before I take the picture (I can't see what the camera sees before I have taken the picture).

Regrading "Remote Shooting" - a couple of options with the 5D3: Eye-Fi Card for quick review on an iPad, etc., or use a USB tethered laptop. I've found when taking portrait shots, where the last shot is soon visible on the laptop screen, the subject seems to more readily get engaging and enthusiastic about getting a good shot. (Don't show the subject the Live View feed, otherwise they get distracted looking at the screen, instead of looking at the camera.)

You can use EOS Utility and a tethered laptop to view yourself real-time, then use a cheap IR remote off eBay, to trigger the shutter with minimal movement. There - now you can get a 5D3

Here's a related Live View option that's wired to a computer, then wireless remote to an iPad/iPhone:


Also, don't forget the (overpriced) CamRanger.

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